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Take advantage of a unique rental investment opportunity in the Baltic States. 17.8 m² micro apartment, furnished and already rented, located in a new building 20 minutes from the center of Riga. This investment is ideal for investors looking for both short- and long-term returns.


Enjoy a limited-time 5% discount on the sale price.


Here are details of the most profitable Model 1 Mini in the building: the micro-studio apartment at door number 3.


  • Studio 17,8 sqm

  • Rental status: Rented

  • Floor: 1/3

  • Building condition: New, immaculate

  • Gross return: 9,5%

  • Net yield before tax: 8% 

  • Net yield after tax: 7,1%

  • Annual value gain history: 10,1%

  • Gross annual income: €3,692

  • Net operating income: €2,745 /year

  • Selling price: €32,000 instead of €34,000

  • LifeInvest® fees: €5,800

  • Furnishings: Included

  • Remodeling work: €0

  • Total budget: €39,693 (including fees)

  • Possibility of buying without a tenant and renting on a short-term basis

  • Expected net profit over 10 years: €36,056


*Photos represent exactly apartment nº3.


*In order to ensure rapid occupancy of the building, the developer had proposed intentionally low rents. Following our intervention, we optimized the return, adjusting the rental rate to €19 per m² for our investment in this residence, highlighting a significant potential for appreciation.


Seize this opportunity to invest in a dynamic real estate market, combining modern comfort with a strategic location in the heart of the Baltic States. Take action now or find out more with the LifeInvest Case Study. The icing on the cake is that this consultation will be fully reimbursed when you invest. Don't delay - properties of this quality are rare.

Book Model 1 Mini nº3 Latvia

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