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Fastest Property Price Growth in the EU

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How It Works




Survey & Case Study

Initiate your investment project abroad with a tailor-made consultation. Complete the lifeinvest® survey for advice tailored to your needs.



Online Reservation

Choose your desired apartments and add them to the cart. Proceed to checkout for payment with a €2000 EUR deposit per apartment.



Notarized Contract

Finalize the sale and pay the balance at the notary within 45 days of reservation. Includes a 2-day stay in Tallinn or Riga with 4-star hotel. Subsequent steps are remote.



Preparation for Rent

We manage renovations, budgets, and logistics, ensuring apartments meet inventory standards.



Property Management

We manage your property and tenants, handling all tax, legal, and financial details, from initial analysis to contract oversight and tax filings.




For property sales, our team assists in securing a profitable price, supported by effective marketing strategies for maximum exposure.

Action Plan


From 2010-2023, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania ranked in the EU for property and rental growth per m², according to Eurostat's "House Prices And Rents"

Baltic States



2.4 M

EUR invested




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Get our free guide to making the most of your assets abroad. It includes country selection, financial and tax advice for international investors.

Discover our LifeInvest® strategy, with 40 successful investments and €2.5 million raised.


Explore international real estate, turn capital into freedom. This guide is the gem we wished for from the start!

Free Handbook
  • Why invest in the Baltic States ?
    Investing in the Baltic States, members of the eurozone, offers stability, competitive returns, tax advantages and sound financial management. With affordable prices, minimal bureaucracy and negligible acquisition costs, it's a wise choice for diversifying your real estate portfolio.
  • Who is this service for ?
    This service is usually aimed at individuals with a net worth of at least 1 million euros, who are looking to secure and diversify their real estate investments, even without foreign contacts.
  • Why choose LifeInvest® ?
    LifeInvest® excels in international real estate investment for affluent clients with over 10 years of expertise, offering unique opportunities and solutions focused on transparency and efficiency to maximize our clients' investment potential.
  • What is LifeInvest®'s investment strategy ?
    Our strategy: resilient solutions, stable income and long-term growth, regardless of your country of origin.
  • Do you plan to offer investments in other countries ?
    At LifeInvest®, we focus on preparation and consistency of service. The opportunities you discover online stand out for their excellence, meeting 10 essential selection criteria. There's no point in looking elsewhere unless you manage a substantial real estate portfolio in that region.
  • What happens to my investments if LifeInvest® goes bankrupt ?
    In the event of difficulties, our customers have privileged access to our network of services, including title management and various legal, notarial and management services. This guarantees the protection and autonomy of their assets.
  • What is the mode of ownership ? Am I the full owner ?
    In Estonia and Latvia, full ownership is the norm for real estate, available 100% to domestic and foreign buyers alike.
  • Can non-EU citizens invest ?
    In Estonia and Latvia, non-EU citizens can buy and own a freehold apartment.
  • What's the best way to own a property, personally or through a company?
    For a personal investment, buy in your own name, especially in Latvia, where the personal tax rate is only 10% if well structured, and a convention between France and Latvia avoids double taxation. Consider buying a company if you plan to invest regularly.
  • How long does it take to invest?
    The Baltic states offer exceptional administrative flexibility when it comes to investing in real estate. You can complete your investment in just a few weeks, from agreement to sale at the notary's office. What's more, you can finalize a property purchase remotely, thanks to the e-resident card and its electronic signature.
  • How much do I need to invest ?
    You can invest in Tallinn (Estonia's capital) or Riga (Latvia's capital) with a capital of €50,000 to €100,000. It's common for our investors to start with one property and repeat the operation several times when they see that it works.
  • Can I use bank leverage ?
    Banking leverage abroad can be complex due to a variety of factors. However, we can help you explore options such as a mortgage via a French bank with French property as collateral, a Lombard loan with blocking of personal savings or financial securities, as well as local loans with specific requirements.
  • What happens if a tenant defaults ?
    In Estonia and Latvia, if a tenant defaults on payment, amicable solutions are preferred, with a quality rental contract validated by our legal counsel. In Riga, eviction of the tenant without legal recourse is possible by following the appropriate procedures, while emphasizing the quality of the contract.
  • Do I have access to a bank account with my investment ?
    Access to a bank account with your investment will depend on the local bank. Thanks to our local partnerships, we can open an account dedicated to rental income, enabling you to develop a banking relationship with a view to future financing requests. Don't forget to declare your accounts in France in accordance with current regulations.
  • Can I choose a Swiss account to receive the rent ?
    Yes, you can choose which account to receive the rent from. We recommend that you use the account we'll help you open to build up your banking history and assets, but you're free to choose.
  • What are the taxes in Estonia and Latvia ?
    In Estonia, personal income tax on property is 22%, but income reinvested in companies is exempt. Notary fees are 0.5%. In Latvia, tax on property income is 10%, under certain conditions, and capital gains are taxed at 20%. Notary fees are 1.5%. What's more, these countries have no wealth or inheritance tax, and have signed numerous international tax treaties.
  • How am I taxed as a French tax resident ?
    As a French tax resident, you should declare your foreign income to the French authorities. Thanks to the double taxation agreement between France, Estonia and Latvia, most French property owners do not pay taxes in France on their income from these countries, which benefit from more advantageous tax regimes.
  • Is foreign property included in the IFI for a French tax resident ?
    For a tax household in France, foreign real estate is included in the IFI if assets exceed 1.3 million euros. Consult a tax expert for specific advice.
  • How to manage the succession of foreign assets for a French investor ?
    The succession of foreign assets for a French investor is governed by the law of his country of residence on his death, even for assets located abroad. Consult an expert for specific situations.
  • Can you help us with tax returns?
    Of course, we provide tax assistance depending on the rental management mode chosen, as detailed in our general terms and conditions of sale. You'll receive an annual financial statement to calculate your tax base, and we'll tell you where to pay the tax to meet your tax obligations.




Once you have made your selection, head to the cart for payment. There is a deposit of €2000 EUR for each apartment you wish to book.


Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing all the details of the transaction, together with a booking contract.


Our sales representative contacts you by the same day.


Your booking is valid for 45 days. During that period, you are invited to Tallinn or Riga to sign the final notarized contract and pay the total price of the apartments (minus the reservation fee).


You are allowed to forego the booking for 14 days. In this case, please submit a written request to cancel the booking, and we will refund you the booking fee.

Go ahead and pick out your favorites!


To start, assess your finances to navigate the complexities of overseas real estate investment. Our advice is rooted in the Baltic States' legal and tax landscape, offering strategies for asset growth and protection.

Next, we conduct a personalized study to outline the optimal strategy for your goals.

Begin with our Case Study LifeInvest®, a consultative session refunded upon investment.

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LifeInvest® excels as a European leader in Baltic Real Estate for High-Income Investors, offering expert turnkey investment solutions. In an ever-changing world, we advocate for international investment as a key to securing a prosperous future for you and your loved ones.

Heritage reflects who we are; to liberate it is to emancipate ourselves and become independent. Because capital freedom is essential, our mission is to democratize real estate investment abroad. 

We create services that allow you to see bigger, further, and be the best version of yourself. We pay attention to their consistency, transparency, and efficiency. 

With LifeInvest®, it's not just about investing, it's about charting new paths to reach your goals, in line with your values! A legacy wisely handed down from generation to generation. LifeInvest® since 2019.

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